CyberArk Red Team TTP

CyberArk Red Team TTP


The CyberArk Red Team Tools Tactics and Procedures (TTP) training provides interactive hands-on training to introduce your Blue and Red-Team to common TTPs utilized by adversaries.


The first part of the CyberArk Red Team Tools Tactics and Procedures (TTP) training focuses on TTP lecture, labs and demos with an emphasis on real life adversary simulation scenarios and experiences from the CyberArk Red Team. The second part of the TTP training is customized based on each customer’s security posture and environment. Using the customer’s network or a custom lab environment the trainees will run red team activities with the goal of utilizing already deployed defensive products to identify and mitigate adversaries in real life situations. This training emphasize CyberArk’s investment in nurturing stronger and more confident blue teams and security programs.


3 Days


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

Understand different tactics, techniques and procedures utilized by attackers

Understand the operational consideration of targeted adversaries

Know how to test security products by executing custom attacks

Know how to better identify indicators of malicious activities


Individuals who will be responsible for SOC activities

Blue-Teamers / Threat hunters

Anyone who is interested in offensive security

Penetration tester / Red-Teamers


Code execution

Opsec / non opsec safe code execution

AV/EDR evasion

Application whitelisting bypass

Memory injection

Custom implants

Covert Channels

Staged vs stateless payloads

Http / https based c2 communication

SMB DNS Application layer

C2 Domain fronting Persistence

Windows native persistence

On disk persistence

Fileless malware

Dll hijack Privilege escalation

Understanding Windows privileges

Common privilege escalation

3rd party escalation

Fuzzing for windows privesc vulnerabilities

Lateral movement

Situational awareness

Abusing credentials for lateral movement

Understanding protocols usage during lateral movement

Pivoting segmented networks

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