CyberArk Application Access Manager (AAM) for Operations

CyberArk Application Access Manager (AAM) for Operations


The AAM for Ops course covers CyberArk's AAM solutions to solve critical security challenges within enterprise applications, cloud infrastructure, and DevOps workflows. Administrators, developers, and security experts gain hands-on experience in configuring each AAM component, using our step-by-step exercise guide and dedicated lab environment.




The course includes the following topics:

CyberArk AAM Technology Overview

CyberArk AAM installation and administration

CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) integration

CyberArk AAM implementation practices and integrations

DevOps security principles and practices overview

Reporting and Troubleshooting


4 Days


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

Install and Implement CyberArk's AAM product suite according to CyberArk's published implementation procedures

Define and describe CyberArk's AAM system architecture, requirements, and workflow

Design and deploy an Enterprise AAM environment following least privilege access principles

Administer and troubleshoot AAM to successfully maintain and manage secrets within enterprise applications, cloud infrastructure, and DevOps application lifecycle pipeline



Customers or partners who will implement CyberArk's AAM solution and/or manage existing deployment


CyberArk Trustee Certification

CyberArk PAS Administration

Windows / Linux server administration knowledge

Basic cloud infrastructure knowledge

Basic DevOps tools, methods, and workflows

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