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Introduction to CyberArk Identity Administration-Self-paced

This modern interactive course allows you to work at your own pace in a CyberArk Identity (Idaptive) free-trial tenant. The learning experience consists of 8 modules with informative and engaging interactions, quick quizzes, short video-based demonstrations and many hands-on exercises. You will be prompted when it is time to instantly apply your new skills in the CyberArk Identity (Idaptive) cloud tenant and when to login to the virtual lab environment.

The virtual lab environment will be available for 14 days.

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EPM Fundamentals - Self-Paced

The Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) Fundamentals course provides a technical introduction to the EPM solution. The course includes discussions of the EPM architecture along with software concepts including administration, policy creation, monitoring, and troubleshooting. The EPM Fundamentals course will prepare each participant with the knowledge and hands-on experience to implement the EPM solution into the enterprise environment.

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Introduction to CyberArk Privileged Access Management

The course Introduction to CyberArk Privileged Access Management is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about privileged account management. It is highly recommended for any professional who will be part of a CyberArk project.

The course is a free on-line course.

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CyberArk PAM Administration - Self-Paced

The Privileged Access Management (PAM) Administration course covers CyberArk’s core PAM Solution: Enterprise Password Vault (EPV), Privileged Session Management (PSM) solutions, and Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA). CyberArk administrators, or ‘Vault Admins’, gain extensive hands-on experience in administering the core PAM Solution using our step-by-step exercise guide and dedicated lab environment.


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Privilege Cloud Basic Administration - Self-Paced

The CyberArk Privilege Cloud Basic Administration course covers the core function and tasks of the solution. This course includes several e-learning modules and no hands-on training

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On-demand Privileges Manager (OPM) Install and Configure - Self-paced

In *NIX environments, administrative privileges tend to be an all or nothing trade off. With a need for privileged users to maintain critical systems but little control over how privileged access rights are used, organizations are often forced to grant default permanent, continuous and anonymous super-user privileges to users who may or may not be trusted.

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