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Instructor Led Training

Introduction to CyberArk Identity Administration

[3 Credits] Designed for system administrators and technical implementation professionals, this lab based, hands-on course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of Zero-Trust best practices and all the necessary steps to configure, deploy and successfully manage your new Identity Next-Gen Access Platform.  This course is delivered virtually via WebEX.


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CyberArk Identity: Secure Web Sessions

CyberArk Identity Secure Web Sessions (SWS) is a cloud-based service that gives you the ability to record and monitor user activity within web applications and cloud consoles protected by CyberArk Identity. This training provides an introduction to CyberArk SWS.

Please note: it is highly recommended to first complete the "Introduction to CyberArk Identity Administration" course if you have not completed it already.

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Introduction to CyberArk Identity Administration-Self-paced

[1.5 Credits] This modern interactive course allows you to work at your own pace in a CyberArk Identity (Idaptive) free-trial tenant. The learning experience consists of 8 modules with informative and engaging interactions, quick quizzes, short video-based demonstrations and many hands-on exercises. You will be prompted when it is time to instantly apply your new skills in the CyberArk Identity (Idaptive) cloud tenant and when to login to the virtual lab environment. The virtual lab environment will be available for 14 days.

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Using Identity on Windows Devices

This course demonstrates the procedures for implementing Identity with Windows for endpoint security management.

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Setting Up Factors for MFA

This course shows you how to enable MFA factors on the admin side so that users can configure them to use as methods of authentication.

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Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

This course introduces you to using CyberArk Identity Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Configuring Office 365 for Federation and Provisioning

This course will help you learn more about configuring and federating Office 365 with Identity for automatic provisioning and de-provisioning.

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Configuring Advanced Single Sign-on

This course demonstrates examples for several SAML single sign-on application configurations and creating applications from custom templates.

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Working with Policies

This course explains how to view, modify and create policies.

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Configuring Basic Single Sign-on

This course introduces CyberArk Identity single-sign on (SSO) basic procedures.

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Working with the Identity Connector

This short video course shows how to prepare for, download, install and configure the Identity Connector.

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Working with Roles

This course explains how to view, add, create and change membership in Roles.

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Working with the Identity Directory

This course shows how to add, view and work with users in the Identity Directory.

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Identity Overview in 2 Minutes

A 2 minute overview of Identity's key functions.

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Using Identity MFA before VPN

This course provides resources for configuring Identity multi-factor-authentication in front of VPN and VDI access.

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Customizing Your Identity Tenant

This 8 minute course contains short videos showing how to customize your tenant URL, your login suffix, your Identity portal, and your system generated email templates.

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