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Sometimes your work can’t wait for you to complete an entire course and you need the information NOW to prepare for a customer meeting.  That’s why there’s CyberArk’s 7 Minutes of Insight modules.  These just-in-time enablement modules are purpose built, covering topics within both the Identity Security solution as well as CyberArk’s Customer Success initiatives, providing an excellent information source for complementing your learning journey with CyberArk.  

So whether it is learning about the latest Expand Plays, reviewing updates on the CyberArk PAM Blueprint, or learning about Dynamic Privileged Access; do you have “7 Minutes to Learn Something New?”

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What’s Hot / Top Content

Address Audit and Compliance with PAM Quick Start      (Spanish Language)

Secure PAM Comprehensively      (Spanish Language)

Securing Your Distributed Workforce      (Spanish Language)

Implement Foundational Endpoint Security Controls      (Spanish Language)

Secure All Application Secrets Everywhere      (Spanish Language)

Reducing Privileged Risk on Endpoints      (Spanish Language)

Modernizing to SaaS / Subscription      (Spanish Language)

Secure Your Vendor Access      (Spanish Language)

Modernizing your Identity Access      (Spanish Language)

Securing Cloud Access      (Spanish Language)

Implement Multi-layered Ransomware Protection      (Spanish)


Identity Security

Impact 2021 Key Takeaways

Working with Marketplaces

Identity Security in the Cyber Insurance Space

Cloud Security Teams and IT Modernization

Customer Success

CyberArk University Offering

PAM Success Blueprint

Privilege - PAM 

Bringing DevOps Security with Secrets Manager and PAM

Setting up for success with Microsoft PIM & CyberArk for Securing Cloud

Workforce Password Management

Privilege - EPM

EPM for Linux

EPM for Servers

EPM for Servers Part II

Secure Desktops

New Opportunities - EPM Standalone on Workstations 

The Competitive Advantages of EPM

"Get to the Point – Secure Endpoints and Stay Ahead of Ransomware" Series

  Boot Camp Part I - The Power of Smart App Control & Credential Theft Protection

  Boot Camp Part II - Applying Endpoint Security Fundamentals on Day 1

  Boot Camp Part III - How EPM and EDR Keep You Ahead of Ransomware

Privilege - CEM

Cloud Entitlements Manager Momentum

Cloud Entitlements Manager - Business Value

Cloud Entitlements Manager for Account Executives


Access / Identity Security Plays (Pt 1)

Lifecycle Management

Remote Access Application

Secure Web Sessions

Secure Web Sessions FAQ Overview


Boot Camp Part I - Get the Basic Concepts and Speak Their Language

Boot Camp Part II- Shift Security Left & Engage Earlier in the Development Process

Boot Camp Part III - Secure CI/CD Pipelines and Cloud Native App

Hybrid SaaS for DevSecOps 

Leveraging RPA

Leveraging Shift Left Marketing Campaign

“Day in the Life of a Developer” Pre-Sales Workshop Series

  Part I – Introduction & Workshop Goals

  Part II – The Basics: How Developers Use Conjur

  Part III – Managing & Configuring Conjur

  Part IV – Ansible Example

  Part V – Summary and Next Steps


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